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About Meditation

Bring yourself back to your essence and connect to a deeper understanding of Self.

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Join a Meditation class to calm the mind and relieve stress and anxiety.

Destress Meditation: Rejuvenate yourself by releasing anxiety, stress and fearful thoughts. This unique meditation will allow you to let go of worries and fearful thoughts, and assist with relaxation.

Balancing Energy Meditation: Working through the energy centers of the body to clear out low energies and/or blocks within. If you’ve been feeling “out of sorts” lately, this meditation can assist you to bring you back to a sense of well-being.

Heart Center Meditation: Give back to yourself as you open your heart space and receive the true essence of your Self. This meditation is for those who are looking to heal old emotional traumas and issues and allow unconditional love to flow within. 

Mindful Meditation: Provides a deeper sense of meditation as you connect yourself to earth and the heavens and allow to “be” in the moment, letting go of the mind chatter and everyday chaos. This class is designed for those who are interested in learning more about creating a meditative practice for themselves and are open to the experience.

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