Classes & Workshops

Reiki Classes

Many people may have heard of Reiki, but aren’t aware there are different levels of Reiki: I, II, Advanced Reiki Training (ART)/Master Practitioner, and Master Teacher. The following classes are founded from the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), which you will receive certification(s) for each  once completing each level. 

Reiki I:

Level I class gives the student the ability to heal themselves as well as learn about the origin and processes of Reiki. Through this experience the student will step onto an expansive path of revelation and a deeper understanding of Reiki. This class attunes the student’s energy field to the vibration of Holy Fire Reiki and will leave with the knowledge and power to facilitate Reiki for themselves, loved ones and beloved pets. Reiki Level I is a one-day inspirational class.

One Day Class | Reiki Level I - $150


Reiki II/Reiki Practitioner: 

Level II  class teaches three ancient, powerful, healing symbols. These sacred symbols; Empowerment, Mental/Emotional, and Distance, coupled with Holy Fire which exponentially increase the experience and effectiveness of Reiki abilities. After the attunement process, the student will have the ability to send distant Reiki to others around the world and carry the ICRT accreditation of Reiki Practitioner.  This is a one-day comprehensive class and requires students to have level Reiki I for at least 6 months (1yr preferred). 

One Day Class | Reiki Level II - $150


Advanced Reiki Training (ART)/Master Practitioner:

ART fine tunes abilities and connects the student on a deeper level to the Holy Fire Reiki. During the process the student will be attuned to the Reiki Master symbol enhancing abilities to heal one’s self and all living things while connecting to higher energies. This is a two-day revolutionary class and requires students to have level Reiki II for minimum 6mo (1yr preferred).

Two Day Class | Advance Reiki Training - $500


Master Teacher: 

Master Teacher is the highest level in which the student will receive attunement for Master Power symbol and use of the Holy Fire symbol, which grants the ability to attune and teach others in all levels of Usui Holy Fire Reiki. Master Teacher is an intensive three-day class and process in which the student will experience a deeper level of one’s own healing through Holy Fire.

Three Day Class | Master Teacher - $850

Chakra Workshops

Learn about the energy centers of the body (chakras) and each of their Archetypes. You will receive guidance on how to clear and balance each of the chakras to receive more support and abundance in your life. See Events for dates and more information.



Through the chakra workshops, explore each chakra and how it relates to the body -both physical and emotional energies. Workshops are designed as a series of 7 (representing each of the 7 main chakras, starting with the 1st/Root chakra)and will last for 7 consecutive weeks. You may attend them all for the full experience or attend individual workshops on specific chakras of interest.

Full Chakra Workshop-$245/ $35 each

Meditation Classes

Bring yourself back to your essence and connect to a deeper understanding of Self.  Through these meditation classes you will receive the ability to calm the mind and relieve stress and anxiety. These 1-hour class are held in a relaxed setting in a seated or lying position while being guided on a meditative journey within.  Recommended to bring a journal for reflection after each class. Register for individual classes or purchase the set of 4 and receive a discount!

1 Hour Classes | Mindful Meditation Classes Set of 4 - $85/ Per Class $25

De-stress Meditation:

Rejuvenate yourself by releasing anxiety, stress and fearful thoughts. This unique meditation will allow you to let go of worries and fearful thoughts, and assist with relaxation.


Balancing Energy Meditation:

Working through the energy centers of the body to clear out low energies and/or blocks within. If you’ve been feeling “out of sorts” lately, this meditation can assist you to bring you back to a sense of well-being.


Give back to yourself as you open your heart space and receive the true essence of your Self. This meditation is for those who are looking to heal old emotional traumas and issues and allow unconditional love to flow within. 

Heart Center Meditation:


Mindful Meditation:

Provides a deeper sense of meditation as you connect yourself to earth and the heavens and allow to “be” in the moment, letting go of the mind chatter and everyday chaos. This class is designed for those who are interested in learning more about creating a meditative practice for themselves and are open to the experience.