Words from clients and students who have had the opportunity to experience Reiki and energy healing:

“I have always been drawn to trying new experiences and the power of discovering a new pathway in my life for continued healing and personal growth. Before I met April, I was in a point in my live that I was needing balance with emotions that were surfacing in nonproductive ways. My husband gave me April’s business card and I immediately looked up her website and found April's presentation of herself and her abilities in what she was offering was what I was drawn to and needed.

In my experiences with April I have had several sessions including Reiki, chakra balancing and energy clearing, all which provided an energy shift with in me to recognize, feel and provide positive self-care as a result. In my initial session, April was able to “tap into” me at around 18mo of age and sensed that I had “unresolved” feelings of being alone, afraid and that I felt scared and abandoned. I was able to confirm this was true due to me being hospitalized at that age, which I’d forgotten about. April explained these old feelings were “blocks” that were still with me and needed to be healed.

By working with April through the different energy sessions, I was able to release the “negative energy” still within my body, I was free to provide self-care and love to myself which has been an ongoing shift in my energy as a result from the services I received. I highly recommend April in providing her services to help with self-discovering of energy “blocks” and emotional obstacles that may hinder your growth as a “whole” person. April is truly amazing in her gifts and a true conduit to healing you!”

- Sheryl O.

“April possesses a beautiful loving energy which she bring to her work as a Reiki Master. Her calming sense of spiritual ease and awareness enhances everything she does. I feel very fortunate to have experienced April’s grace and ease as a teacher.”

- Sandi M.

“I met April through a mutual friend. I’ve been going through some physical and mental struggles with health, self-image… the daily life “stuff” we all deal with… Both my friend and April suggested I try Reiki. I’d never even heard of it. I wasn’t sure what it was about. I mean how can energy healing be real right?? April gave me her contact information and a link to her website where I could read a thorough description of what it actually is and how it works.

I love April period. Her sweet and sunny disposition already center me and put me at ease. It just radiates off of her. I knew if her energy healing was anywhere close to the calmness I feel by just being around her it had to be good. I went in my first time about a month ago and all I can say is YES - I’m a Reiki believer!!!

April plays soothing music. You lay down on a comfy massage table (or you can sit up also) She guides you through some mental and breathing exercises to ground yourself, open/ clear your mind and relax. It’s quiet… It’s light touch if any and after a little time I felt the tension release in my shoulders… my head cleared and my whole body had an “ahhhhhhhh” moment. I don’t know how to describe it but here goes nothing – It’s like a physical and mental massage and release but without touch… strictly by energy. Without even realizing by the end of the hour my internal thoughts had switched from negative to positive subconsciously without me really even processing what I was receiving. I felt closer to my internal self. I felt closer to my spiritual self and I felt like that black cloud following me had been lifted and I could do THIS! Whatever THIS may be at the time... It was a total renewal.   

To me this isn’t a “one and done” thing and I feel this is such a personal journey that everyone’s healing may manifest differently depending on what you’re trying to achieve but I plan on keeping in touch with April for her amazing work and her amazing personality for years to come. It’s very apparent she believes strongly in her craft and takes it very seriously to help people. She ROCKS!” 

- Carrie Hoffman Grimes, IA  

“My experience receiving Reiki services under the guidance of April Wyett has been an amazingly eye-opening spiritual experience. The process of Reiki and aligning my chakras has allowed me to grow, learn, and awakened me to who I am and where I am at within my life.

April Wyett is a blessed soul and healer who has a gift for the practice of Reiki. She has an intuition of how to help the casual person understand the practice of Reiki and is able to help people from various backgrounds to balance their energies as well as processing the messages that the higher self is attempting to communicate to the person. April encompasses many gifts as a Reiki practitioner and healer. I believe her greatest gifts are her ability to connect with individuals through her compassionate vision and her warmth as a genuine spirit. I can attest to my experience learning about Reiki and experiencing the healing powers of Reiki in my time working with April.

I can speak directly to the experience as I was someone who didn’t have a breadth of knowledge about what Reiki was and what the practice was attempting to manifest. It didn’t take long for me to become an advocate and enthusiast of the practice of Reiki. I would recommend that anyone who is seeking healing from a holistic centered perspective seek out the practice of Reiki. Reiki has the ability to change one’s life in many different areas and is something that can be practiced and utilized in every facet of an individuals’ life.”

- Joseph Fox, Drake University MS in Mental Health Counseling

“I had knee surgery on a Wednesday and an hour Reiki session two days later with April. The day of my session I was bound to a walker and my knee was swollen and stiff and I was still in quite a bit of pain.  The day after my session I was able to leave the house with one crutch & have a nice day with my friend doing things I love.  By the following week I was up and around with no assistance and very little to no pain. I believe several things contributed to my speedy recovery, including the Reiki session with April.

April is professional, punctual and friendly. She even shared her intuitive ‘knowings’ with me, that were about past emotional issues tied to my knee which were very accurate. I am trained in Reiki so I’m aware of how Reiki works, so I feel confident in recommending April to others.”

- Shirley Treanor