Reiki Session

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In-Person Reiki Session:  

Reiki is conducted in a quiet and relaxing setting with the client usually laying face up on a massage table. A session could last up to one and a half hours; time for intake, explanation, client receiving Reiki and after session conversation about client’s experience.

Distant Reiki:

Distant Reiki is as effective as an in-person healing session. Since Reiki is a form of energy, Reiki can be received across a room, a different city, state and even across the world. One of the many benefits of distant Reiki is the energy can be easily received by people as well as animals without touch.  Whether you, a loved one or pet are in-need of Reiki and cannot be present for an in-person session, distant Reiki is a great way to receive healing.

Due to the nature of my abilities to tap into the client’s energies, Reiki sessions (in person & distant) are a little different from the norm. The insights and connections I receive during a Reiki session guide me to provide the client with information about their own past experiences that are asking to be healed. After each session I then provide guidance unique to each client to assist in the healing process, which gives more depth and unique experience for each client.

60min - $75

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