Sound Healing

Sound healing therapy has been used in Asia since the 12th century, and is used for meditation, ritual & ceremonial and healing purposes. April uses Tibetan singing bowls for sound healing to aid in calming the mind and body to reduce stress & anxiety, relieve chronic diseases, lower blood pressure, improve breathing and circulation, strengthen immune system, while improving mood and vitality.

April infuses Holy Fire Reiki within each sound healing session, a typical session lasts for about 90min. The session involves the client laying on a massage table (face down/up or client’s preference) while Tibetan singing bowls are placed on and/or around the body as soft soothing tones are played with each bowl. The bowl(s) produce sound healing by radiating energy to harmonize the client's body on both cellular and energetic level, which assists in clearing any issues within the body. Most clients state their experience with sound healing was “like a massage, but on a deeper level” “very relaxing and energizing” “I felt immediate relief of aches”.

80 min - $85

April Wyett